Touch2Learn Device Implementation

Within the Orange County Department of Education's Special Classes, many of our students participate in the Touch2Learn program.  This program has a number of components that include the following:

1) Independent Student Use (including Communication) - Students are instructed with the purpose of operating the device and applications independently.  This often times includes communication (e.g., AAC), recreation and leisure (e.g., play skills), and functional academics (e.g., calculator).  The device may travel with the student throughout the school day.

2) Mobile Devices as Text Books -  This is used by the teacher or DIS specialist to enhance joint attention and to facilitate heightened learning.  

3) Therapy Setting - This is used by the specialist to enhance the group or individual session.  Examples include: Vision Services; Occupational Therapy; and Speech and Language Services.

4) Classroom Support ​- Various devices and applications are used to support the teacher as well as acting as visual supports for student use. This can include classroom visual timers or data collection programs that are accessed by the instructor.

Prior to recommending the use of these devices, our students go through a referral process to ensure that they are appropriate candidates for these devices.  Additional information regarding this process is featured throughout this site.