Classroom Support

​Many of our teachers use a mobile device to assist in the learning process.  In these instances, the device is directed by the teacher and used to support students in a number of ways.  Here are some examples of classroom support usage:

Data Collection - Using a variety of data collection applications, many of our teachers are able to quantify specific target behaviors in an efficient manner.  This data collection yields a number of powerful outcomes including specific behavior frequency, charts analyzing antecedent-behavior-consequences, and others features that greatly aid in behavior plans and programming.

Visual Timers - Visual timers have long been an effective way to show a student how long a specific activity will last.  With mobile devices, these visual timers can be used as applications within a number of setting.  The portability and ease of use makes these items a popular application within our classrooms.

Social Narrative Programming - Whether you are working on priming a student or teaching them a specific task analysis, many social narrative programs can effectively use photographs to organize students.

Visual Scheduling - Many students benefit from picture schedules.  There are presently multiple applications that assist with organizing the student throughout their day.