Independent Student Use

When determining the appropriateness of a mobile device to be used specifically for the student (e.g., as an AAC device), the IEP team must consider a multitude of factors.  The following are SOME of the considerations that are factored in before pursuing the use of a device specific to the student.

When determining whether an AAC device is appropriate for a student, the OCDE speech and language specialist serves as a critical IEP member in directing the process.  In addition, the OCDE Assistive Technology Specialist may be contacted for additional support.  

Prerequisites for Communication (Coming Soon!) - The following handout is also considered to determine whether a mobile device is appropriate for student use.  Please note that there are several other factors that are also considered when making this determination.

Referral Process (Coming Soon!) - OCDE has a specific referral process that takes into account a variety of considerations for whether the device is appropriate for student use.  

Touch2Learn Screener (Coming Soon!) - As part of the OCDE/Touch2Learn referral process, teachers complete the "Touch2Learn Screener."  This screener looks at a number of factors including: Potential pre-requisite skills; Reinforcement hierarchy for the student; Potential uses of the device; and Additional considerations.

Mobile AAC Device Implementation​​ - After the team feels the mobile device is appropriate for AAC purposes, additional considerations need to be reviewed by the team.  Factors including protective cases, when the device will be implemented, and other specifics should be considered.  The Mobile AAC Device Implementation handout may assist with these considerations.

Additional Considerations for Independent Use - Within theTouch2Learn program, students have also used the device successfully for the following (in several instances there are multiple purposes): scheduling; video modeling​; reinforcement; appropriate actions on objects for developing leisure abilities; math calculation; math reasoning skill development; site word vocabulary; social skills; and fine motor development.