Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)


Escape the Vape: Keeping Electronic Cigarettes Away from Kids and S​chools (October 2014)

Presentation by Stacy Deeble-Reynolds
Director of Community and Student Support Services
Orange County Department of Education


 Escape The Vape

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​Presentation by Dr. Helene Calvet
Deputy Health Officer​
OC Health Care Agency

Helene Calvet Vaping Transcript English.pdf
Dr Helene Calvet Vaping Video Transcript Spanish.pdf

 Dr. Helene Calvet, Deputy Health Officer, OC Health Care Agency

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 Dr. Helene Calvet (Spanish)

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Presentation by Dr. Marc Lerner

Marc Lerner Vaping Transcript English.pdf

 Dr. Marc Lerner

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E-Cig Employer Fact Sheet

English E-Cig Handout.pdf

Spanish E-Cig Handout.pdf

Vietnamese E-Cig Handout.pdf​

E-Cig Teen Fact Sheet



This youth awareness and prevention campaign was developed by the Orange County Department of Education in partnership with the Orange County Health Care Agency and the Orange County Sheriff's Department with funding from the California Department of Education Tobacco-use Prevention Education Program.



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