Explanation of iMap

To achieve student learning through mobile devices, a number of critical factors may need to be considered on a broad programatic level.  

(District/Program Administration) Training; Appropriate Technology; Referral Process; Identification of How Mobile Devices will Support Learning - These critical areas are put into effect by program administration.

(School Site Support) Site level support for curriculum, technology, and parent participation - While district or program administration can assist ​in supporting these aspects, most successful programs will need to identify site-based support personnel to assist teachers, ancillary, and parents in these areas.

(Teacher) Targeted Goals - While many students who first embrace a tablet or mobile device can do outstanding things, having targeted goals appears crucial to moving the student forward on an academic leve​l.

(Teacher) Organized Curriculum - The goals that are constructed with regard to mobile devices typically follow a strong curriculum.  For example, for students who use the device for AAC purposes, following a comprehensive picture exchange program (or other communication programs) may be important for long-term growth.