Fiscal Services

​Fiscal Services for the Orange County Department of Education include Budget, Accounts Payable - Accounts Receivable, and Payroll. Fiscal Services is also responsible for the Department's General Ledger and acts as liaison with our external auditors for preparation of the Annual Financial Report.

Reports and Publications

To view OCDE Budget Reports and Publications, click here.

Budget/Budget Support 

Budget is responsible for preparing, updating, monitoring, and reporting the Budget for the Orange County Department of Education. As a Single Adoption organization our annual budget cycle consists of five budgets within three budget cycles; Preliminary Budget (B1) - Adopted Budget (AB), First Interim (FI), Second Interim (SI), and Estimated Actuals (EA) submitted with the Preliminary (B1) of the following year. Budget staff are:

               Patricia Banuelos, Administrator
​               Cindy Matsuura, Manager​714-966-4052
               Goretti Fernandez, Financial Analyst ​714-966-4203​
​               Michele Vargas, Accounting Supervisor​714-966-4032
               Victoria Frutos, Sr. Project Accountant  ​714-966-4062​
               Hojat Entezari, Sr. Project Accountant ​714-966-4212​
               Josh Nixon, Sr. Accounting Technician​714-966-4036
​               Denise Phung, Accounting Specialist714-966-4055


Accounts Payable - Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable - Accounts Receivable is responsible for vendor payments and invoicing, for services provided to or by the Orange County Department of Education. IRS Form 1099 are issued from Accounts Payable and IRS Form 1098-T are issued from Accounts Receivable. Accounts Payable - Accounts Receivable staff are: 

​               Vacant, Coordinator, ​Fiscal Services     ​714-966-4210​
               Haik Seropian, Accounting Supervisor    ​714-966-4058​
               Sharon Baxter, AR, Sr. Accounting Technician​714-966-4057​
               Vacant, AP, Sr. Accounting Technician​714-966-4054​
               Nubia Cendoya, AP, Sr. Accounting Technician​714-966-4095​
               Lynn King, AP, Sr. Accounting Technician714-966-4​160​
​               Hanna Nguyen, AP, Sr. Accounting Technician​    ​ ​714-966-4051
               Josh Nixon, AR, Sr. Accounting Technician​​714-966-4036 


Payroll is responsible for ensuring the employees of the Orange County Department of Education are paid accurate and timely.  There are four monthly payroll cycles, two for Certificated staff and two for Classified staff. The Certificated payroll cycles are the A and C payrolls and the Classified payroll cycles are the B and M payrolls. Payroll staff are:  

​               Vacant, Coordinator, Fiscal Services​714-966-4210​
               Barbara Rivera, Principal Payroll Specialist  ​714-966-4147​
               Olga Orlowski, Sr. Payroll Technician- Certificated​714-966-4063​
               Imelda Cruz-Barrientos, Sr. Payroll Technician-               Classified​ (A-K)714-966-4053​
               Vacant, Sr. Payroll Technician-Classified (L-Z)​714-966-4225