Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs and Violence Prevention

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The Safe and Drug Free Schools and Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) program provides opportunities for schools, communities, and families to work together to develop and implement comprehensive p​rograms to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, violence or disruptive behavior among youth. OCDE offers technical assistance, training, and support to school districts in the preparation and implementation of their prevention and intervention programs. Staff development opportunities include program planning, intervention, school policy, curriculum, community involvement, positive alternatives, parent involvement, youth development and evaluation.


Stacy Deeble-Reynolds​​, the Orange County Department of Education's Prevention Coordinator, has an extensive background working in prevention and positive youth development programs. She currently serves Orange County school districts with prevention support related to tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and bullying among youth. Stacy is a board member of OCSAPN (Orange County Substance Abuse Prevention Network) and the Orange County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board. ​