Youth Development Links

California Friday Night Live Partnership

California Friday Night Live Partnership (CFNLP) provides the leadership and field support needed for continued growth and enhancement of the Friday Night Live (FNL), Club Live (CL), and Friday Night Live Kids (FNL Kids) programs.

Youth Leadership Institute

The Youth Leadership Institute builds communities where young people and their adult allies come together to create positive social change. 

Do Something

Do Something believes youth have the power to make a difference. It is their aim to inspire, support, and celebrate a generation of doers: people who see the need to do something, believe in their ability to get it done, and then take action. They provide the tools and resources for youth to convert their ideas and energy into positive action.

Find Youth Info

U.S. government website helps create, maintain, and strengthen effective youth programs. Included are youth facts, funding information, and tools to help assess community assets, generate maps of local and federal resources, search for evidence-based youth programs, and keep up-to-date on the latest, youth-related news.