Prescription and Over the Counter Drug Abuse Prevention

Sunny Hills High School, Fullerton Joint Union High School District

Throughout the 2011-2012 school year, Friday Night Live (FNL) leaders from Sunny Hills High School (SHHS) have planned and facilitated a prescription and over-the-counter (Rx/OTC) drug abuse prevention awareness campaign on their campus. Chapter members believed the most effective way to spread awareness on campus was to first survey their peers on their perceptions and awareness of the dangers of Rx/OTC drug abuse. FNL leaders surveyed each grade level, approximately 210 students total (10% of their campus population), and used the results to design their campaign. After reviewing the data, SHHS FNL chapter leaders decided to promote the fact that a majority of students were aware of the dangers of Rx/OTC drug abuse. Using their data, leaders blitzed the campus with positive social norms posters. They also partnered with Community Service Programs-Project PATH, to create and deliver a presentation to the SHHS Parent, Teacher and Student Association. This training covered the results of the survey, their campaign, and how to safely discard unused and expired mediations.