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OCDE Nutrition and Wellness Services 
Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention (NEOP) 
200 Kalmus Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

​Dareen Khatib, MPH, RDN, MCHES 
Phn: 714-327-1083
Susan Lipscomb
Senior Administrative Assistant 
Phn: 714-327-1054

School and Afterschool
Janis Price, MS.Ed, CHES
Project Manager
Phn: 714-327-1068
Kari Tuggle, MS, RD, CHES
Phn: 714-327-1056

Rasha Abdrabou, DrPH, MPH
Project Manager
Phn: 714-327-1070
Tracey Zoleta, RD 
Project Manager
Phn: 714-327-1066
Youth Engagement
Nadia Moya, MA 
Project Manager
Phn: 714-966-4403

Early Childhood
Gina Simoes
Project Manager 
Phn: 714-966-4150

Darshi Balasuriya, MPH 
Program Specialist 
Phn: 714-966-4106