Community for Innovative Learning in Schools
The pioneers in the digital world of education focus not on what they have, but how they use it to connect and instruct in ways that were never thought possible.  Educational Technology is no longer about the tools. It has reshaped our models of instruction and completely altered the way we interact with one another.  We support innovative leaders, teachers, and students in Orange County as they use technology to transform their communities.



The educational community is advised on the latest classroom tools, SBAC Testing preparation, and Common Core alignment. They receive assistance in long range technology planning to leverage funding. They are provided instruction in educational methodologies. These consultations include Web 2.0 tools, blended instruction, and district technology plans.


The Ed Tech Team serves as a connection agency with business and educational partners. They support local, state, and national initiatives with a focus on best educational practices involving technology.  These include Common Core and STEM initiatives and offer opportunities to participate in consortiums.

Professional Development

Educators are encouraged to take advantage of our 21st century instruction. This includes face-to-face, blended and online courses with our highly qualified instructors.   Classes integrate Common Core Standards, and National Education Technology Standards, with a focus on student achievement, inquiry based, and blended models of instruction.


We host and support conferences, workshops, and showcases for our community of educators, administrators, and students. Our most anticipated programs include a Student Technology Showcase, Technology Festival, and Educational Technology Grants. Additionally, District Technology Leaders are invited quarterly to hear and discuss trending local and national perspectives in education.