Ordering Information

On-Line Purchase Instructions

November 4 - December 4, 2015

Begin your search for new technology products by clicking on the vendors' links and looking at their products and pricing.  Keep in mind that some vendors may have a variety of additional products available at their stores. All products available through the selected vendors will be eligible for the special SchoolsFirst FCU loan.

If you are not applying for the SchoolsFirst FCU loan, you can complete your transaction within the vendors' websites.

Start Financing​

Finally, revisit the vendors' websites, and complete your orders.  If you are purchasing from Samy's Camera, please call or visit the store to purchase your products.

In-Store Purchase Instructions

​You may visit the following vendors to make in-store purchases:

Apple (Crywolf) - 7634 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92111,   858.277.9653

Samy's Camera - 3309 S. Bristol Street, Santa Ana, CA, 714.557.9400

​Preview Center Purchase Instructions

November 7, 2015
Orange County Department of Education, 200 Kalmus Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 

​1. Preview computers and other products.

2. Obtain an order from from selected vendor(s).

3. Complete the order form.

4. Verify equipment and upgrade (if applicable), purchase with the selected vendor.

5. Pay vendor. If you are not applying for a loan, your purchase is complete.

6. If you are applying for a loan, take your purchase confirmation form from the selected vendor and go to the SchoolsFirst Federal CU for a loan application.

7. Once the loan is approved, the SchoolsFirst FCU will immediately deposit the funds into your checking account. The vendor will process your purchase based on the payment information you provided on the order form. 


1. The maximum loan amount is $2,500.

2. You must obtain a total and a purchase confirmation form from the selected vendor before applying for the loan.

3. In order to apply for the loan, you must be a district, school, or OCDE employee, have a SchoolsFirst FCU account and have NetPay (direct deposit). Please talk to a SchoolsFirst FCU representative for more information.

Payment Information
Payment Method
Cashier's Check ​Accepted by all vendors (except Dell).
​Money Order ​Accepted by all vendors (except Dell).
​ATM/Debit Card at Preview Center   Accepted by all vendors (except Dell).
​Credit Card Please confirm which credit cards are accepted by the vendors.

​Personal Check

​Not recommended - although personal checks are accepted,
There is typically a lenghtly check-clearing process that delays orders and deliveries.

How do I get my products?

Apple (Crywolf) - You can arrange for items to be shipped to you, pick up items at OCDE on preset delivery dates, or you may pick up items in their store: 7634 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92111, 858-277-9653.

Dell - Items will be shipped to you.

Samy's Camera - Some items can be purchased at the Preview Center or picked up at the store, 3309b S. Bristol St., Santa Ana, CA  92704, 714.557.9400

Sehi - Items will be shipped to you.

Please note: It takes approximately 1-3 weeks * for ground shipments. (*If you purchase a Dell computer and pay by check, you can expect a longer shipment period. This is due to the lengthy check-clearing process with the vendor.) You should always contact the vendors directly, if you have any questions regarding your shipment. ​