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The Teacher Leader Certifica​tion Academy (TLCA) is a two year program designed for current teachers who want to develop skills in the following areas: leadership, collaboration, facilitation, assessment and data analysis, mentoring, and designing and presenting professional development. Each year consists of eight sessions, and a symposium at the end of year two. Candidates will also learn to use several educational technology tools and 21st Century skills in the program.

Candidates earn a Teacher Leader Certificate from the county after successfully exiting the program. Furthermore, the Academy will be offering participating candidates the opportunity to earn four graduate units per year, through our partnership with California State University, San Bernardino.

This program is based on the ETS Teacher Leader Model Standards, and will prepare a teacher leader to:

• Foster a collaborative culture to support educator development and student learning.

• Access and use research to improve practice and student achievement.

• Promote professional learning for continuous improvement.

• Facilitate improvements in instruction and student learning.

• Use assessments and data for school and district improvement.

• Improve outreach and collaboration with families and community.

• Advocate for student learning and the profession.

* Applications will be sent to prospective applicant district administrators. Please feel free to contact us for further information.   


​Co​ntact Information
Kathy Boyd, Director, Career Education 
Ph​one: (714) 708-5880
Jacquelyn Sanborn, Coordinator
Phone: (714) 327-8187


Natalie Stavale, Administrative Assistant III
Phone: (714) 966-3526