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Education Protection Act Board Resolution.pdf
6/14/2017 3:58 PMITConsult1
Focus Group Science Framework Revision.pdf
1/13/2014 3:16 PMSusan Strelecki
FY 12-13 Education Protection Act Board Resolution.pdf
8/29/2013 11:51 AMSusan Strelecki
Notice of Election NOCCCD Trustee Area 3.pdf
10/13/2015 12:31 PMShane Cline
Notice of Election Orange Unified School District Trustee Area 1.pdf
10/29/2015 9:03 AMShane Cline
NoticeofGoverningBoardMemberElection_Irvine USD.pdf
1/27/2014 8:26 AMSusan Strelecki
Nutrition Services Wellness Policy 17-18.pdf
2/26/2018 2:56 PMTayo Soyemi