P.I.E.S. Eligibility

Children with a hearing loss between the ages of 0 and 3 years may be eligible for the P.I.E.S. program.

Assessment will be completed when a child is referred to determine the best possible program for your family and child. Additional assessments at the time he or she reaches the age of 2 years 6 months will provide an easy transition to the most appropriate program when he or she turns 3 years old. The team will assist the family in finding a preschool program based upon the child's communication mode, residual hearing, and developmental goals.

P.I.E.S. is a regionalized program operated by the Orange County Department of Education through the cooperation of many school districts and SELPAs.

By pooling expertise and resources with a focus on infants and toddlers, each child and family can create a unique, personalized program designed to meet their goals and needs as they change over time.