Safe Walking Event

Malabar Apartments FNL Kids, Project Access Family Resource Center, Garden Grove

On June 12, 2012, the Malabar Apartments/Project Access Friday Night Live (FNL) Kids chapter members partnered with the Garden Grove Police Department (GGPD) to instruct community members about safe walking in the community. The chapter members felt that there was a need to educate community members on issues of street safety because of a recent car accident involving youth pedestrians near their apartment complex.  Sherry Hess, GGPD Community Liaison, assisted the chapter with their project by providing education and materials.  Chapter members created posters on safety topics which were displayed during the event.  The GGPD provided a mock “Safe City” made from cardboard that consisted of a school, bank, bakery, homes, cars, and busses, that made their Community Center patio look like a real city.  Chapter members gave tours of this community and provided suggestions and safety tips to the participants.  Brenda Morales, the chapter advisor shared that the event was a great success. “We had between 50-75 participants from the community and we had six of our FNL Kids help facilitate the event.  The chapter members were really proud. They received positive feedback from the parents, who were impressed how quickly the students were able to gather information and relay it back to them.”