Reaching Out to Feeder Schools

A. G. Currie Middle School, Tustin Unified School District

Thorman-Outreach-Currie-2012.gifOn February 8, 2012, Currie Middle School (MS) Club Live (CL) chapter hosted an event for fifth grade students from the after school program at Thorman Elementary School (ES), which is right next door to their school. To start off the event, CL members gave a presentation about their club, including community projects they have organized and activities they do to have fun together. After the presentation, Currie MS CL students paired up with Thorman ES students and took them on a tour of Currie's campus. During the event, CL members demonstrated maturity and leadership and made the Thorman students feel welcome on their campus. Co-advisor Hannah Nguyen shared, "Through the activities that the students do in Club Live, I see that our students are progressively developing their leadership skills. Without a doubt, the role and responsibilities of a leader are always a challenge, but these students have shown to me that they can and are willing to work hard to get there. I'm impressed at their determination and courage!"


PRIDE After School Program @ Johnson Elementary School

The PRIDE after school program at Johnson Middle School, Westminster School District, implemented Club Live into their programming options for students a few months ago. From day one, it became apparent that these new Club Live (CL) chapter members were eager to contribute to their community. They have completed so many projects it is hard to believe they are a new chapter. A big focus for them has been working on a bullying prevention project with feeder elementary schools. Over the past few months, PRIDE CL chapter members have visited four elementary schools: DeMille, Finley, Schmitt, and Hayden, all of which are located in the Westminster School District. In addition to providing a bullying prevention lesson, they spent time visiting with the younger students and shared information about Club Live.