Community Beautification Project

North Hills Apartments Project Access Family Resource Center, Fullerton North-Hills-Beautification-2012.gif

Around the holiday season, North Hills Apartments/Project Access Friday Night Live (FNL) Kids chapter members noticed that their community was in need of a cleaner environment. Thus, the youth planned and organized a beautification project for their community. After discussing the problems that come with litter, they decided to spend an afternoon picking up trash around their apartment complex. Youth were anxious to help make a small difference and hoped their project would make an impact on community members. Additionally, the youth at North Hills collaboratively wrote a formal letter to send to their community members. The letter informed residents of their project and had tips on what to do in order to maintain a clean community. Overall, this activity benefited tenants at the North Hills Apartment community by recognizing the efforts of FNL Kids in beautifying and keeping their surroundings clean.