Trainer In Training (Tier II)


OCDE Project GLAD® Trainers In Training (Tier II) are individuals who have been accepted into the OCDE Project GLAD® Training Program.  Trainers In Training must attend Tier II training with the National Training Center (NTC), submit materials for feedback and evaluation, pass certification and clear any requirements outlined in their individual certification letter in order to provide OCDE Project GLAD® Tier I Training (2-Day Research & Theory Workshops, 4 or 5-Day Demonstration Lesson, Follow-up and Awareness Presentations) as an OCDE Project GLAD® Agency Trainer (Tier III). 


Step 1:   Complete and submit the OCDE Project GLAD® Tier II Application for Agency Trainers (Tier III)

Step 2:  Allow 4-6 weeks for application processing and notification of acceptance

Step 3:  Upon acceptance, complete online registration

Online Management System (OMS) link & code will be sent to you once application has been approved.

Tier II Trainer in Training Informational Flyer

2018-2019 Training Dates

Trainings listed below will be in Orange County, California
PART 1: 3-Day Research & Theory Workshop
 ·    ​ September 19-21, 2018

PART 2: 5-Day Demonstration

              ·      February 4-8, 2019