OCDE Project GLAD® Components

​​​​​​The first component of OCDE Project GLAD® training is the language acquisition model.

Guided Language Acquisition Design/OCDE Project GLAD® National Training Center provides an organizational structure for an integrated, balanced, literacy approach. The integration, of listening, speaking, reading and writing into all content areas and the interrelating of science, social studies, and literature with each other, underscores research that language is acquired most effectively when the emphasis is on meaning and the message. Language, any language should be acquired while studying something of interest or real life use.

Writings in the field of brain research and standards-based instruction reinforce that by integrating the content areas and direct teaching of metacognitive strategies, learning is made more relevant and meaningful. OCDE Project GLAD® NTC strategies and classroom implications foster a risk-free, cross-culturally sensitive environment within which students are able to acquire academic language and concepts. Although, the OCDE Project GLAD® NTC model is intended for English language acquisition for English language learners, it is valuable for acquisition of language for all students. The structure, strategies, and classroom implications, are invaluable in a multilingual setting.

The second component of OCDE Project GLAD® NTC training is professional development.

STEPS IN TRAINING (Team of Teachers - Tier I)

Element 1: Leadership Ensemble: "Designing a Pathway to Achievement"

This one day workshop is a prerequisite for all developing agencies prior to scheduling participants for Tier I training. The purpose of this workshop is to support educational agencies with the development, implementation and sustainability of the OCDE Project GLAD® NTC instructional model.

Outcomes: Learn how the OCDE Project GLAD® is an instructional model designed to support diverse populations of learners, develop clear understandings about the instructional needs of English learners, discover the essential components of successful implementation and sustainability of the OCDE Project GLAD® NTC Model and develop and design an initial implementation plan that aligns district resources and professional development needs with student learning outcomes.

Element 2: Theory and Research (Tier I)

The OCDE Project GLAD® NTC Tier I Training is available to anyone in the profession of education. It involves the Two-Day Research and Theory Workshop where participants will have the opportunity to dialogue and learn with other professionals in the field about the research that supports the model and its development, planning support, connecting with the Common Core State Standards, an introduction to OCDE Project GLAD® units, and exposure to about thirty effective teaching strategies. It covers the work of educators across the disciplines: reading, writing, brain compatible teaching, language acquisition, cross-cultural respect, primary language and coaching. Research is directly tied to specific implications, strategies and organization. 

Element 3: The Demonstration Session (Tier I)

The Two-Day Research an Theory Workshop is followed by four or five day demonstration lessons. The demonstrations are a unique opportunity for teachers to observe students utilizing the strategies with an OCDE Project GLAD® NTC trainer. The participants will be supported by an OCDE Project GLAD® NTC coach who will facilitate a deeper understanding of the strategies, their variations, and engage participants in meaningful conversations around the model. During the afternoons of the demonstration, participants will be able to start planning and preparing materials to use in their classroom to effectively support application and implementation. Seeing successful strategies with students is the most effective method of promoting change.

Element 4: Follow-up and Coaching (Tier I)

The trainers and leadership team develop a customized plan for Follow Up support. Trainers will provide customized follow-up coaching to OCDE Project GLAD® NTC trained teachers. Teachers will receive individualized and grade-level team support around OCDE Project GLAD® strategies to increase implementation of the use of OCDE Project GLAD® strategies. This differentiated model will provide and encourage collaboration, support, modeling of strategies, reflection and goal setting. Follow-up coaching might include classroom modeling, co-teaching, planning sessions and time to create standards-based lessons and prepare strategies.

Element 5: Steps in Developing Trainers by Teams (Tier II)

OCDE Project GLAD® Trainers In-Training (Tier II) are individuals who have been accepted into the OCDE Project GLAD® National Training Center Program. Trainers In-Training must attend Tier II training with the National Training Center (NTC), submit materials for feedback and evaluation, pass certification and clear any requirements outlined in their individual certification letter in order to provide Tier I Project GLAD® Training (2-Day Research & Theory Workshops, 4-6 Day Demonstration Lessons, Follow-up and Awareness Presentations) as an OCDE Project GLAD® Agency Trainer (Tier III). Individuals working for an educational agency other than a school district must file and Authorization to Train Addendum with the OCDE Project GLAD® National Training Center at the Orange County Department of Education.


  • Complete initial Tier I OCDE Project GLAD® NTC training with an active certified trainer

  • Practice OCDE Project GLAD® Strategies (6 months minimum)

  • Apply to the OCDE Project GLAD® NTC Trainer-In-Training Program for Agency Trainers (minimum of 2) - watch webinar: Pathway to Agency Trainer Certification - Understanding the Tier II Process (located at www.ocde.us/projectGLAD)

  • Register and complete Tier II 3-Day Workshop and 5-Day Demonstration Session

  • Submit Team Video Clip/DVD Requirement to OCDE Project GLAD® NTC.

For OCDE Project GLAD® NTC Certification, the following apply:

  • Upon successful review of the video clips, select dates from the OCDE Project GLAD®​ NTC list of all available dates

  • Develop an OCDE Project GLAD® unit and Strategy Notes/Photos

  • Certification/Evaluation done by OCDE Project GLAD® National Training Center (NTC) staff on presentation of both the workshop and demonstration lesson

  • Clear any certification requirements to become an OCDE Project GLAD® NTC​ Agency Trainer (Tier III)