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Literacy ​Building Blocks
Cohort B Begins January 22,2019

A Focus on Reading Foundational Skills K-5 one part of a comprehensive literacy program. This professional learning experience will engage participants in:
* Targeted discussions about Reading Foundational Skills (RF)
* Recognizing ELA/ELD Framework considerations for RF
* Administering key RF assessments to diagnose reading difficulty
* Exploring prevention/intervention strategies for RF

Cognitive Coaching
Begins January 11, 2019

Give yourself the gift of tools that will help you become a better listener and communicator through the Cognitive Coaching training.  Throughout the four days, you will learn how to ask meditational questions that will push another person's thinking instead of coming up with all the answers and solutions yourself. You will also spend some time practicing both planning and reflecting conversations that will help you become more effective in your work setting.
This six-part series, will provide tools for site administrators and other educational leaders who support the instruction of English learners to implement, support, and assess a comprehensive ELD program that includes integrated ELD (iELD) and designated ELD (dELD) instruction.
Language Routines for Math
Begins January 29, 2019
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This workshop will provide participants with a framework for organizing strategies and special considerations to support all students learning the mathematical practices, math content and the language needed to demonstrate their understandings. 

Kate Kinsella
March 4, 2019
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Dr. Kinsella details cross-curricular writing instruction imperatives for educators serving English learners and striving readers, including a focused yet accessible analytic rubric for each assignment, targeted lessons on language and rhetorical devices for specific writing types, explicit analysis of an appropriate writing model, and brief, frequent doses of interactive, teacher-meditated writing practice to build critical competencies for longer, independent assignments.  Participants leave with extensive practical resources to facilitate immediate implementation and provide site-based support to colleagues. 

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