Diversity in Schools: Reaping the Benefits

‚ÄčAugust 7th, 2012

Atrium Hotel, Irvine

Why Now? Each year 6,000 students drop out of Orange County schools. Five thousand of these children are students of color. The need is urgent.

The Problem: Far too many students of color (or members of religious or sexual minorities) are not engaged in their coursework, are below grade level in academic skills, feel unappreciated, marginalized or even bullied, or simply are no longer enrolled in school.

One Solution: We must encourage more educators to use the lens of culture to address these issues.

Why? So that all of our students...

  • Are served in a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment
  • See themselves as a valued part of their school
  • Are empowered to use the specific skills and knowledge that is part of their home lives and their heritage
  • Can be enriched by learning from others
  • Are excited and motivated to keep learning
  • Develop intercultural awareness as an important 21st Century skill

What is Needed? We need your experience, knowledge and passion to expand the work within Orange County schools.