Curriculum and Instruction (P16)

Curriculum and Instruction P-16 is a full service unit for educator, student, and parent educational needs.  Teams are dedicated to Academic Content and Categorical Support, Continuous Improvement and Intervention, Support for Specialized Instruction, and Preschool-High School (P-16) Programs and Services.  Professional development is provided by our experienced, highly qualified practitioners and renowned guest presenters.  Teacher training and professional networks keep Orange County educators connected and informed.  Student programs such as Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), National History Day - California, Young Author's Faire, and Arts Advantage provide experience and tools for success.  The Family Involvement Network strengthens parent effectiveness in the child's education.  Expertise and resources are available to support social/emotional and academic achievement for every child.



Sandra Lapham
Division of Instructional Services
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Office of Academic Content





Common Core State Standards
History/Social Science
Outstanding Contributions to Education
Reading/Language Arts
Visual/Performing Arts

Office of Continuous Improvement and Intervention

Categorical Program Support/Family Involvement/School & District Assessment
District Assistance & Intervention (DAIT)
Quality Education & Investment Act (QEIA)
Regional System of District & School Support (RSDSS)
Response to Intervention (RTI)
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)​
EL Teacher Support
Gifted & Talented Education (GATE)
Preschool GLAD
Project GLAD
Students with Disabilities