Information for Teachers

Schools across Orange County participate in the NHD program by using it as a means to provide highly engaging history instruction and to showcase student achievement.  NHD directly supports the History / Social Science Framework (content, inquiry, literacy, citizenship), Common Core standards (project based learning, interconnected learning, etc.), the 21st Century Skills Framework (critical thinking, problem solving, etc.) and College and Career Readiness.

NHD projects can be used at the school site for rich project-based learning experiences and/or entered into a series of competitions, from the local to the national level, where they are evaluated by professional historians and educators.


The NHD-OC 2018 contest will take place on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at the Orange County Department of Education. 

The Awards
Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, at Orange County Department of Education.  


Yearly event calendar  - Key dates for the county, state and national competition.


NHD-OC information.pdf

Teachers and coaches may prepare for this year’s program and competition by reviewing the following resources:
·         Resources
·         Online Registration
·         Judging
·         Awards



Complete NHD-OC Intent to Participate to help us keep you informed about NHD.  You will receive pertinent materials and informational updates as they occur.  Completing the survey does not obligate you to participate in NHD-OC.  Deadline for Intent to Participate submission is December 15, 2017.
·         NHD-OC Kickoff/Orientation
·       Mentor Coaches.pdf
·         Resource Packet
·         NHD-OC Teacher Training PowerPoint  
·         NHD-OC Overview (coming soon)
Your most important responsibility is to mentor and support your students and assist them as they create their entry projects.  Review and edit the written materials, making sure students follow the rules for their entry. In order to help students prepare for competition, review the Judge’s Handbook and coach students for their interview.



Judging is a crucial part of the NHD competition.  Experienced judges describe the process as the best way to understand the NHD program.  Judging enables you to assist your students more effectively as they develop their entries for competition.  Having enough judges also provides students with well- rounded feedback. 
Please consider judging -- complete the Judge Registration Form  

Entries Per Category

The number of entries per school that can advance to the NHD-OC competition are:
  • Elementary Division (Grades 4 and 5): 3 entries per category
  • Junior Division (Grades 6, 7 and 8): 3 entries per category
  • Senior Division (Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12): 3 entries per category
NOTE:  Junior and Senior Divisions do not refer to grade levels!
We strongly recommend limiting the number of students participating in any category to no more than 50% of the total number of participants from your school.

Entry Categories

1.  Individual 2-D Display (grades 4-5 only)
2.  Group 2-D Display (grades 4-5 only)
3.  Individual Historical Paper
4.  Individual Documentary
5.  Group Documentary
6.  Individual Exhibit
7.  Group Exhibit
8.  Individual Performance
9.  Group Performance
10.Individual Website
11.Group Website

 Interview times will be posted a week before the contest. Please click the link below and make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom as there are many entries.
Interview Schedule:
The 2018 NHD-OC Contest Schedule for March 10, 2018 is available for review.  Please click on the division (below) to review the interview schedule.

Contest Address:
Orange County Department of Education
200 Kalmus Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92628-9050