Orange County K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative

The aim of the Student Mental Health Initiative

Accomplishmen​ts​ of the 2011-2014 Orange County K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative​
Accomplishments​ of the 2014-15 Orange County K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative
Dr. Al Mijares​​,​ Superintendent of Schools on the Student Mental Health Initiative​​

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is to redthAFQ7NIRY.jpguce barriers to learning. The initiative takes a prevention and early identification approach to student mental health. The approach is to promote resilience, positive mental wellness, reduce mental health problems, and address the social and emotional needs of youth. 
Initiative Goals:
Enhance Cross-System Communication
  • Serve as Region 9 lead and conduct quarterly meetings with our region partners San Diego County Office of Education and Imperial County Office of Education
  • Represent our region at statewide meetings
  • Collaborate with partners such as Didi Hirsch Agency, NAMI-OC, and Kids Potential 
  • Orange County Health Care Agency's Mental Health Advisory Group
Promote the K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative Online Clearinghouse
Provide Education and Training
  • Offer a variety of professional development trainings including mental health awareness, promoting resilience, early identification of student mental health issues, classroom practices to prevent mental health problems and support students already identified with mental health disorders, suicide prevention, restorative practices, student stress and learning, mindfulness, school climate, and local resources for referrals. 
  • Become a county hub for International Institute for Restorative Practice Certified Restorative Practices training and support
Provide Technical Assistance