Expository Reading and Writing Course

​​What is ERWC?

Students successfully completing the modules develop skills, knowledge, processes, and dispositions in the following areas of academic literacy: reading rhetorically, writing rhetorically, listening and speaking rhetorically, and habits of mind.  The modules are aligned with the CA State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy (CCSS for ELA/Literacy). 

For frequently asked questions and answers about ERWC, view ERWC Q and A.pdfERWC Q and A.pdf

Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) Multi-Day Training Series:

This professional development training will help teachers prepare students to meet college and university expectations. Teachers will learn the what and why about ERWC. To view all available ERWC classes, click here.
ERWC/High School Four-Day Training 
Cohort C
Day 1: January 15, 2019
Day 2: January 16, 2019
Day 3: February 13, 2019
Day 4: March 13, 2019
 On-line pre-registration is required 

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  • Chris Street - CSUF Professor of Secondary Education
  • Karin Foster - OCDE Language and Literacy Coordinator
  • Jennifer Beall, OCDE ERWC Facilitator
  • Kimberly Moore - Westminster High School Teacher
  • Christy Jimenez - Buena Park High School Teacher
  • Tyler Shelley - Yorba Linda High School Teacher
  • David Cagley - Fullerton Union High School Teacher
  • Carey Arias - OCDE ERWC Support