Currently, OCDE Consortiums are able to bring interactive whiteboards, student response systems, interactive learning environments, video conferencing, and more to districts.

Southern California Online Learning Consortium 

The Educational Consortiums below have agreed to offer consortium pricing for Online Programs in Southern California.


​​OC Online and Haiku Learning offer a comprehensive e-learning solution for web-enhanced and online courses to meet the needs of all students. This easy-to-use and powerful tool sets make it possible for educators to develop, deliver and implement a technology rich curriculum that engages learners, informs parents and eases the workload of educators.

Contact: Allen Angell,


​​SoftChalk Cloud enables educators to easily create their own rich, interactive, online learning content, and learning object repository in which they can manage and share their content. Content is accessible, mobile-ready and portable for use with any learning management system. Hosted content can be linked to multiple courses in multiple LMS’s. When content changes are needed, just make them once in SoftChalk Cloud and all courses are updated simultaneously! Content and media resources can be shared publically or privately with individuals, groups or the entire SoftChalk Cloud community.

Contact: Paul Miller,

Canvas by Instructure

​We believe in the people and process of education—and the role that technology can and should play when it makes that experience more possible. It’s an approach that has continued from the initial 17-school validation tour that began Canvas through hundreds of customer relationships.

Contact: Linda Larsen,

Orange County Schools Consortium

The Educational Consortiums below have agreed to offer consortium pricing for schools in Orange County California.


SMART Technologies enables educators and students to share and access the information they need quickly and easily. Product discounts include easy to use interactive whiteboards, student response systems, interactive software, and more.

Contact: Roland Garcia,

Shmoop Logo.png

Shmoop will make you a better lover (of literature, history, life). See many sides to the argument. Find your writing groove. Understand how lit and history are relevant today. We want to show your brain a good time. Don't worry… we'll have it back home at a reasonable hour.

Contact: Christopher King,

Defined Learning

​Defined Learning has a proven track record of developing and providing award winning educational programs. The use and delivery of these programs has been statistically proven to impact student achievement in the classroom.

Contact: Kevin Clancy,


​Language Tree, the leader in foreign language learning for kids since 2003, now offers a comprehensive online language curriculum for children. The courses feature self-paced lessons whereby each student can be tracked and graded. The program is designed to bring about new foreign language classes to a class/school without the requirement of a foreign language teacher or complement an existing foreign language program. Each course uses a combination of videos, interactive games, audio clips, reviews, and classroom-style teaching to ensure fast language acquisition and maximum comprehension.  All that is required is access to the web using a PC, iPad, tablet, etc.

Contact: Jennifer Cramer,

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 1.31.35 PM.png

ExploreLearning Gizmos help students of all ability levels to develop the deep conceptual understanding in Science and Math grades 2-12 that the NGSS and Common Core demands, and provides teachers with rich simulations that help move from “covering” content to facilitating student “discovery”.

Contact: Eileen Salsman,

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 1.31.35 PM.png

ExploreLearning Reflex is the most powerful solution available to help students develop math fact fluency as emphasized in the Common Core’s content standards and prepare for rigorous assessments developed by and SBAC consortia. Targeted instruction: With a focus on Math Fact Families, Reflex is adaptive and individualized to each student. Measurable results: Intuitive and powerful reporting by each teacher, school and district provide immediate and powerful data to all stakeholders. Easy to implement: Reflex is quick to start up, 100% online, and supported by flexible webinar training.​

Contact: Eileen Salsman,


Exploratory Development

The Educational Consortiums below have agreed to offer development training or demonstration equipment in the OCDE display center.



Vantage Learning’s MyAccess! is a scalable online assessment and instruction program for K-12 schools. Focusing upon writing in the curriculum, Vantage is a proven solution to improve student achievement that provides educators with high-quality tools and resources that motivate students to learn and create meaningful interactions between students, parents and teachers.



Qwizdom student response systems are designed to engage everyone in the classroom or audience. Watch as classes become inspired while using the handheld remotes and teachers are able to quickly and easily access the assessment information they need. Discounted pricing on response systems and the California Content standard aligned Ready Set software are available to educators throughout Region 9.

Contact: Brock Carothers,

​​TurningPoint student polling systems integrate 100% into Microsoft® PowerPoint - giving you the capability to author, deliver, assess, and report without ever leaving PowerPoint. TurningPoint Anywhere also provides an easy-to-use solution to non-PowerPoint based content. TurningPoint's unique design allows it to seamlessly operate with leading hardware and education content solutions providers like Glencoe McGraw-Hill, and other standard productivity tools such as Word, Excel, Blackboard, and WebCT. The result is TurningPoint, the most powerful student response system available, boasting maximum functionality with a minimal learning curve. Available for both the PC and Mac platforms.

Contact: Matthew Ausmann,

​California Vision Technologies is a local provider of classroom technology solutions. Based in Costa Mesa, CVT provides on-site training and support for all of their technology products. CVT product line includes notebook computers and projectors, desktop and portable document cameras, wireless RF tablets, student response systems, projector installations, classroom audio, and interactive teaching software.


Elmo provides teachers with the simplest and most effective classroom solutions for the best academic performance.


​Troxell Communications makes educational technology accessible to everyone. Whether you are a computer whiz who dazzles your students with cutting-edge media tools or still seem to struggle with programming your automatic coffee maker, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

We accelerate the way people learn through the application and use of technology. We not only suggest and provide the necessary audio-visual equipment to achieve your specific goals, but we back up our products with support services to ensure that the technology and training are successful. Our focus is on making technology work for you.

Contact: Dave Boller,

​“Smarty Ants Reading World is a data-driven multipronged literacy program that provides over ninety personalized learning paths tailored to the individual needs of PreK-2nd grade students. As students interact with the program, it adjusts and readjusts the learning path based on skill level, learning temperament, thought processes, and confidence with selected answer. Through a combination of innovative game-based learning technologies, authentic literature, and non-fiction science, the program has high engagement rates and keeps students consistently within their zone of proximal development. Teachers can track time spent in the program, view student progress with detailed reports, and access supplementary teaching material on the Smarty Ants Dashboard. Available with primary language support in Spanish, and ideal for RTI learners tiers II and III, Smarty Ants Reading World is aligned to common core and California state standards.”​

Contact: Sarah O'Connor,



Are you looking to maximize your technology budget this school year or purchase new technology for your class? If so, be sure to check the Orange County Department of Education educational technology Consortiums first to see how you might be able to save. OCDE is constantly working to bring discounted and free technology to schools throughout the county in order to make technology budgets stretch further.

OCDE takes pride in its Consortiums with a variety of educational technology companies. Working with these Consortiums, OCDE is able to provide districts throughout the county and CTAP Region 9 with some of the lowest pricing possible on a variety of educational products. In addition to discounted pricing, each of our vendors provides low-cost training during the year at OCDE. Our list of products continues to grow throughout the year and if there is a product or technology you would like to see made available, please let us know. For more information, pricing or general questions on any of the consortium purchase programs contact Randy Kolset at (714) 966-4337.
Any training or equipment provided by our educational Consortiums will have the following requirements:

Educational Consortiums Training Day Requirements
  • OCDE Educational Technology offers the first and last Tuesday of the month to any vendor to use our computer labs for trainings.
  • How does your product or program help students improve educationally?
  • During trainings, participants have access to an educator who has used the product.
  • Participants leaving the training will be able to walk away with a lesson idea that they can use in the classroom.
  • Flyers handed out for advertising purposes of the training must be preapproved by OCDE.
  • All registrations must be done using an OCDE registration system.
Technology Display Center Practices​
The OCDE Educational Technology Center offers districts, schools and educators the opportunity to see technology in action in our Display Center. Items have been displayed in order to give districts an opportunity to see options that educational Consortiums can provide. This provides local districts an opportunity to preview and participate in developing programs related to technology.
  • The name of the company will be displayed on items placed in the Educational Technology Display Center.
  • All items are for demonstration purposes.
  • Items on display will remain in place for one school year, July 1 - June 30.
  • There will be an option to purchase upon completion of that year.
  • OCDE and the company displaying the item have no obligation to each other. This is an opportunity for our schools to independently interact with the demonstration units.

If you are a company interested in participating in the above items, please notify us by completing the following form. A meeting will be arranged to discuss options.