Contact Us

Debbie Troehler, Administrator Early Learning, Expanded Learning, and Family Support Services, 714-708-3860

Sheila Arnold, Transitional Kindergarten Coordinator

Jean Barbre, Region 9 CPIN Coordinator

Krista Murphy,  QualityStart OC Coordinator

Toby Espley,  QualityStart OC and MTSS Program Specialist

Jami Eyre, QualityStart OC Program Specialist

Susan ShepardsonQualityStart OC Program Specialist

Michelle Banh, QualityStart OC Project Liaison

Carole Browne, QualityStart OC Project Liaison

Catherine Darker, QualityStart OC Project Liaison

Tawnie King, QualityStart OC Project Liaison

Wanda Soekias, QualityStart OC Project Liaison

Melissa Wheelahan, QualityStart OC Project Liaison

Roseann Andrus, Child Care and Development Planning Council Project Consultant

Administrative Support

Milvia Schinaia, Administrative Supervisor, 714-966-4378

Lynn Turner, Administrative Technician, 714-966-8180

Rod West, Data Technician, 714-966-4419

Glenda Chakerian, Administrative Assistant III, 714-966-4386

Rose Cote, Administrative Assistant III, 714-327-4466

Marybeth Jacobsen, Administrative Assistant III, 714-708-4993

Veronica Ortega, Administrative Assistant III, 714-966-4171

Yvania Salas, Administrative Assistant III, 714-327-1084

Cindy Salisbury, Administrative Assistant III, 714-966-4405