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We would like to stay connected with you.  Here in Orange County, and across the county, the success of the Academic Decathlon is dependent upon community volunteers.  And who better to serve as a competition judge or test proctor than someone who has participated in the program and understands what decathlon is all about!  We hope you will register as an OCAD alumni so we can send you OCAD news, including opportunities to be a judge or test proctor.




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Recent comments from OCAD Alumni... 

  • Academic Decathlon teaches you how to strike a balance between being an academically inclined individual and an actively involved human being. It is so much more than just an academic competition - it fosters community, citizenship, and social awareness. By having you focus not just on one narrow area of study, but rather across ten vastly different disciplines, academic decathlon helps students prepare for whatever life throws at them. - Elizabeth - Valencia HS Class of 2012 - Attending Stanford University

  • Academic Decathlon gives high school students the opportunity to take on a workload comparable to that which might be found in a college setting.  Former decathletes who have immersed themselves in the program will find that they have the discipline and breadth of knowledge to become active learners in any place of higher education.  Academic Decathlon has given me confidence in tackling challenges, camaraderie in academic pursuit, leadership beyond the classroom, and most importantly, memories to endure a lifetime. - Johnny - Westminster HS Class of 2011 - Attending UCLA

  • The Decathlon is a competition where grade level and GPA are not deciding factors as to whether a student can participate or not. It is a competition based on teamwork, dedication, determination, and the passion to learn. The Academic Decathlon personally taught me the values of leadership, cooperation, and commitment, while also challenging me to expand my academic capacities. - Christina - Northwood HS Class of 2011 - Attending Harvard University

  • Academic Decathlon is a good niche for the more academically inclined to fall into: it's a very viable extracurricular for those who might not be otherwise inclined to pursue activities outside of school; it's a respectable accomplishment to note on one's under-grad applications; and it's a great way for an introvert to find friends and supportive peers. - Giovanni - Woodbridge HS Class of 2011 - Attending Grinnell College

  • Preparation for Academic Decathlon affords students the ability to develop an integrative understanding of history by infusing their studies of a particular historical period with multiple areas of academic analysis, including literature, science, music, and history. In a culture of academia that is placing ever greater emphasis on a student's ability to formulate multi-disciplinary approaches to research and problem solving, students with experience in Academic Decathlon are at a distinct advantage. - Tyler - Tesoro HS Class of 2008 - Attending Harvard University