RLA Common Core Curriculum Maps

‚ÄčCommon Core Curriculum Maps in English Language Arts translate the new Common Core State Standards for K-12 grade into unit maps that teachers can use to plan their year, craft their own more detailed curriculum, and create lesson plans. They were written by public school teachers for public schools use and are free of charge.
With educators and policymakers across the nation demanding tools and guidance to help meet the Common Core State Standards the Curriculum Maps on July 25, 2011 announced their new editions to include:
  • Guidance for differentiated instruction
  • Revised pacing guide for K-2 reading instruction
  • Nearly 200 new writing, grammar, and research activities
  • Thirteen-step process for a senior research paper
  • more informational and contemporary texts
  • Library of seventy digital resources
  • Art and art activities in all units
  • New pullout highlighting art across the Maps
  • New glossary of more than 375 ELA terms

(Project is funded by donors who believe it takes more than good intentions to improve our educational system. These organizations have provided financial support to Common Core.)