CCSS in Special Education

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California's Common Core State Standards for ELA 

To Assist IEP Planning CCSS ELA Integrated Model of Literacy Color Coded

Common Core Resources for Special Education

Students Who Meet the Common Core State Standards

  • Demonstrate independence
  • Build strong content knowledge
  • Respond to varying demands of audience, task, purpose, & discipline
  • Comprehend as well as critique
  • Value evidence
  • Use technology and digital media strategically and capably
  • Understand other perspectives and cultures

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Instruction: Universal Design for Learning


Is UDL included in the Common Core?

UDL is included in the section of the Common Core Standards called "application to students with disabilities". However, UDL not only applies to students with disabilities, it applies to all other learners as well. Although this is the only specific mention of UDL, there are many concepts embedded throughout the common Core Standards that are aligned with the UDL framework. Visit the UDL website for more information and a downloadable pdf that included frequently asked questions. ​ ​

Individualized Education Plans, IEP​ ​

WestEdCCSSDisabilitesButton.JPG The WestEd article, Special Educators Look to Tie IEPs to Common Core,  provides an overview of some of the implications of Common core on IEP development and alignment. It builds the case for why Common Core State Standards are so important for students with disabilities. ​

​Assessment ​

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CCSS and Special Education Video


Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Assistive Technology

Part 3: Assistive Technology Closing the Common Core Gap 


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