21st Century Competencies are Embedded in Common Core "Habits of Mind"

Transferable knowledge is referred to as “21st Century Competencies” to reflect that both skills and knowledge are included.

The label 21st Century Skills reflects important dimensions of human competency that have been valuable for many centuries, rather than skills that are suddenly new, unique, and valuable today. The important difference lies in the universal spread of digital technologies that has enabled individuals to communicate and exchange information, yet requires an ability to process multiple forms of information to accomplish tasks that may be distributed across contexts that include home, school, the workplace, and social networks.

As a way to organize the various terms for “21st Century Skills”, researchers have classified these skills and knowledge into three broad domains of competence: cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal. These domains are referred to as 21stCentury Competencies. The Common Core Literacy Capacities “Habits of Mind” are designed to deepen student learning of the 21st Century Competencies.


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