Cognitive Coaching Training

Typically we understand coaches to be those who provide expertise and advice to others.  Cognitive CoachingSM, in contrast, defines coaching as an act of developing the capacity of the individual being coached to become more and more high performing on his/her own by becoming more aware of their thinking and actions.  The training consists of hands-on skills development in a variety of essential interpersonal skills, which permit the coach to confidently and effectively support the thinking of a valued colleague.

The eight-day Foundation Seminar typically is segmented into two-day sessions with practice time between sessions.  Participants learn a set of structured professional conversations along with critical aspects that make those conversations work:
• Development of rapport and trust with those they coach,
• Facilitation of thinking through effective responses to others’ comments,
• Increasing others’ senses of autonomy along with self-efficacy and self-awareness,
• Use of data to support honest thinking, and
• Navigating professional conversations focused on planning, reflecting, and problem-resolving.

Schools, districts, and organizations engage in the Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar primarily through two avenues:
1. Contract directly with trainers to conduct a training at a group rate, and
2. Register for periodically offered OCDE trainings at a per-person rate.
Trainers are certified with the Center for Cognitive CoachingSM. Training includes a textbook, learning guide, and support tools for each participant.

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