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​​​Community and Student Support Services​​​
Nina Boyd, Associate Superintendent​​​714-966-4485
Stacy Deeble-Reynolds, Director​714-966-4305​
​David Greene, Sr. Executive Assistant​714-966-4311
​Academic Events
Kristin Rigby, Program Specialist​714-966-4435
Ron Segundo, Project Liaison​714-966-4316
Kyla Groeneveld, Programs Supervisor​​​714-966-4453
Megan Bailey, Administrative Assistant714-966-4471
Miriam Marks, Administrative Assistant​714-966-4460
​Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention
Stephan Lambert, Prevention Coordinator​​714-966-4412
​Ana Torres​, Administrative Assistant714-966-​4381
Charter Schools
​Kelly Gaughran, Administrator​​714-708-3884
Aracely Chastain, Coordinator​714-966-4377
​Teresa Johnson, Coordinator
​Leila Calderon, Financial Analyst714-966-4388
Ana Torres​, Administrative Assistant​714-966-4381
​Conflict Resolution, Friday Night Live (FNL),
Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL)
Elke Petras, Program Specialist714-966-4458
​Deirdre Hill, Project Liaison
Paulina Degortari, Project Assistant714-966-4047
​Cassandra Schroeder, Project Assistant
Miriam Marks, Administrative Assistant​714-966-4460
​Family Involvement Network
Stephan Lambert, Prevention Coordinator​714-966-4412
​Ana Torres​, Administrative Assistant​714-966-4381
​Funding and Partnership Services
Ozzie Perez, Coordinator714-966-4407
Lisa King, Program Manager​714-327-1050

​Health and Wellness
Pamela Kahn, RN, MPH, County Nurse714-327-1057
​​Karen Nelson​, Administrative Assistant​714-966-4450
​Inside the Outdoors
​Stephanie Smith, Operation Manager714-708-3887
​Lori Kiesser, Development Officer​714-708-3889
​Yarib Dheming, Outreach Manager​714-708-3891
Dawn Curtis, Instructional Programs Assistant714-708-4434
Kelly Ellis, Instructional Programs Assistant714-708-3897
Julie Bini, Program Support Specialist​714-708-3890
Hailey Quirk​, Program Support Specialist​714-708-3898
​​Student Programs and Williams Legislation
Nicole Savio-Newfield, Administrator​714-966-4385
Ron Segundo, Project Liaison714-966-4316
Kyla Groeneveld, Programs Supervisor714-966-4453
Alicia Gonzalez, Sr. Administrative Assistant

​Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)
Ryan Crowdis, Project Manager​714-966-4451