Required Age and Health Information

Documentation Required for Students Enrolling
In California Public Schools

  • Proof of Age Required to Start School:

    • Proof of age is required for students entering a California public school for the first time.
    • For students beginning this year, state law requires that a child must be 5 years old on or before November 1. Verification of their birthday must be furnished in the form of a certified copy of a birth record, a statement by the Department of Public Health certifying date of birth, a baptismal certificate, a passport, or an affidavit of the parent or guardian
  • Immunization Requirements:

  • Health Examination for School Entry:

    • This required examination may be completed up to 18 months prior to entry into first grade.  Every effort should be made to have the exam completed by kindergarten entry along with the required immunization records.  Doctors’ offices and clinics are supplied with the appropriate form or you may download the form to take to the doctor.
    • Health Examination for School Entry
      (Please use English Version only)
  • Oral Health Exam:

For information about Orange County Health clinics, please go to the following website: