New Students 2013 - 2014 Enrollment Forms

Enrollment in CHEP is a process. New families:Please call the closest CHEP office and speak with one of the CHEP teachers.  After an enrollment appointment has been scheduled with a CHEP teacher, complete the following forms and bring to your enrollment appointment.

CHEP/PCHS Verification Form from
 District of Residence

Before taking to District of Residence: parents,
fill out top section, and sign and date in bottom
section where designated (parent and student)
1 per student

Parent Handbook

An overview of our program policies, procedures, and highlights for your information ​

1 per family​
Emergency Information 1 per student
Student Registration 1 per student
Independent Study Agreement 1 per student
Internet Acceptable Use Policy 1 per student
Student Demographics 1 per student
Home Language Survey 1 per student

CAIR (California Immunization Registry)
 Information and Consent Form

1 per student​
LCFF (Local Contral Funding Formula) 1 per student
School Safety Plan Rules &Regulations
Agreement and Instructions
1 per student (2 pgs.)

Parents Rights and Responsibilities
 (54 page booklet)

Parent Notification of Rights Form

1 per student​
Image Reproduction/Media Release 1 per student
2013 - 2014 Attendance Calendar 1 per family
Required Age and Health Information 1 per family