Business Higher Education Forum  - Launched Securing America's Leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM Initiative) in June 2005 to help ensure that America remains a global leader.

California Career Zone - Gives you information about industries and careers in California. Students can assess their interests and work preferences, explore different careers, and discover some of the "realities" of making a living.

California Colleges - Provides a list of California colleges and universities. Resources include high school planning charts in multiple languages, a financial aid calendar, and FASFA worksheets. Visit the site and set up a free account. 

Edutopia -Provides a variety of STEM programs and information on STEM skills. 

The Mesa Statewide Website -One of the country's most innovative and successful programs, MESA works with thousands of educationally disadvantaged students so they excel in science and mathematics and graduate with math-based degrees.

 OC Careers - Check out these high school and middle school career planning resources, take a learning style assessment, and explore career planning lessons according to grade level/year in high school.

 Partnership for 21st Century Skills - Has emerged as the leading advocacy organization focused on infusing 21st Century skills into education. The organization brings together the business community, education leaders, and policymakers to define a powerful vision for 21st Century education to ensure every child's success as citizens and workers in the 21st Century. The partnership encourages schools, districts, and states to advocate for the infusion of 21st Century skills into education. Also, it provides tools and resources to help facilitate and drive change.

Society of Women Engineers -The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a not-for-profit educational and service organization that empowers women to succeed and advance in the field of engineering, and to be recognized for their life-changing contributions as engineers and leaders.

STEM -This site provides STEM career, education and resources for students, counselors, teachers and parents.

The STEM Equity Pipeline Project - The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity is a national organization committed to the advancement of equity and diversity in classrooms and workplaces.

2009-2010 Workforce Report - In the Indicators Report, available at, Dr. Walrod presents a clear picture of workforce trends and solutions that will assist businesses and decision-makers in preparing for the future.