Accountability - Federal

California reports its results under the umbrella term of Accountability Progress Reporting (APR). Federal reports are made up of the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and Program Improvement (PI) Reports. AYP and PI both relate to schools and districts that accept federal Title I funds. Since its inception, Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) has focused on closing the achievement gap.  As a result, there has always been an expectation that students receiving Title I services make adequate progress on a yearly basis to help them catch up with their peers. 
The following four components form the basis of California’s definition of AYP: 
  1. Participation Rate: Achievement of a 95% participation rate on all applicable assessments
    •  School wide and for all subgroups*
  2. Percent Proficient: Achievement of the Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) in both English-language arts (ELA) and mathematics
    •  Percent proficient or above
    •  School wide and for all subgroups *
  3. Additional Indicator – API:  As of 2009, the API target for Growth must be a minimum score of 650, or growth of at least one point. 
  4. Graduation Rate: High schools, high school districts, and unified districts
*For numerically significant subgroups

Annual Measurable Objectives
California’s Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO’s) are the minimum percentages of students who are required to meet or exceed the proficient level on statewide assessments used for Adequate Yearly Progress.  The AMO’s rise almost yearly so that by 2014, 100% of students in all schools LEA’s and numerically significant subgroups must score at the proficient level or above. 
In 2010-11, the English Language Arts (ELA) and math targets increased by over 11 percentage points.  For elementary and middle schools, the ELA target rose from 56.8% proficient to 67.6%, while the math target rose from 58% to 68.5%. For high schools, the ELA target rose from 55.6% proficient to 66.7%, and the math target increased from 54.8 to 66.1%.

For 2011-12, the required percentage of students proficient or above:

  • for elementary schools, middle schools, and elementary school districts in ELA will be 77.8%, in mathematics 77.4%.
  • for high schools and for high school districts (that have students in any of grades nine through twelve) in ELA will be 78.0%, in mathematics 78.2%.
Last Reviewed: November 2013