Support Services

 Supports Services Departmental Staff provides support, assistance and serves as a connecting agency among Orange County's 38 school districts, community colleges, ROPs, charter districts, local, state, and federal governmental agencies. 

Our Mission

The goals of each department under Support Services is to improve efficiency, implement workforce solutions and  foster a collaborative work environment with school districts, employees and partnering agencies.

Our Values

Members of the division hold themselves accountable in providing a high level of performance, resource management, customer service and professionalism to the employees, students, districts, public and the community it serves.  

 Support Services Departments include:

Assisting school districts to maintain a compliant business practice is a main focus of this division.   In 2004, Support Services and Information Technology, combined, received the prestigious Best Practices Prism Award in Payroll Technology, one of four awards presented annually to recognize leadership among payroll departments in major corporations nationwide.