Parenting Support

Parent Further

Parent Further is a website that is devoted to parenting and small, everyday steps that can make a big difference. It emphasizes a positive approach to parenting by focusing on what kids do right instead of what kids do wrong. Behind their advice and approach are research-based information and tools that have been put to the test in the real world, as well as a panel of experts in parenting, child psychology, and related fields. The core of Parent Furthers approach is built on Search Institute's Developmental Assets®: 40 common sense, positive qualities and experiences that help influence the choices kids make.


OCSAPN (Orange County Substance Abuse Prevention Network) 

OCSAPN has been helping families connect with prevention, treatment and counseling resources since 1980. Members meet monthly to share events, spotlight their services, and discuss lessons learned while working in the field of prevention. Their member agencies work in the areas of alcohol, drug, tobacco and other drug education and prevention, asset building, gang and violence prevention, treatment and  consulting services, teen pregnancy, youth empowerment (Pal® Camp, Friday Night Live Partnership, FAITH  Coalition), mental health, parenting and family issues, LOTS of other health–related areas and concerns as well.

Parent University

Parent University is provided through Huntington Beach Unified High School District and the goal of their website is to educate, equip and partner with students and their support systems by offering a wide variety of relevant and effective programs and resources that will make a positive impact on the individual and the community.

Families and Communities Together (FaCT)

FaCT is a partnership between the County of Orange Social Services Agency and Orangewood Children's Foundation. FaCT has provided support and services to children and families through community-based collaborative operating family resource centers. 

Parenting Education and Support Services 

This Program is intended to foster effective parenting skills and family communication including healthy identities, extended family values, child growth and development, and self-esteem. Parents and/or caregivers commit to ten (10) weekly, two-hour classes. Child care is provided with age appropriate activities. 

Disciplina Positiva 

Somos una organización con sede de operación en Anaheim, California, compuesta de un personal altamente calificado que tiene como fin promover los principios de Disciplina Positiva a través de talleres educativos, dinámicos y divertidos.​