Enrollment Process:

  1. Parent/student must obtain a Community School Referral to attend ACCESS South from the school district of residence. (See assistant principal at district high school to start the process). Probation and Social Services can also issue referrals.
  2. The Community School Referral must have the following attached:
    Current transcript official/unofficial
    Attendance record
    Discipline record
    Immunization record with current TDap (must be on or after student's 7th Birthday)
  3. South Enrollment Office will contact family to schedule an enrollment appointment.
  4. Student (if under 18) must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian at enrollment. Both will:
    Sign forms  
    Meet with a school official
    Receive orientation  
  5. At enrollment student will:
    Complete a computerized skills assessment for reading, language arts, and math
    Be given a homework assignment
    Be photographed for a school I.D.
    Be assigned to a school site and teacher
  6. The assigned teacher will contact the student to schedule the first school appointment. The parent is asked to attend the first appointment so the parent and student can discuss the Individualized Learning Plan with the teacher.