Programs and Services

Mental Health Service

  • Individual, family and/or Group Therapy, Intensive Case Management, Credit Counseling, and Suicidal/Homicidal Assessment

Gang Prevention/Intervention

  • Provide gang mediation and intervention services for the other campuses throughout Orange including services provided to not only students but to parents and school administrator/staff

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and Other Drug Curriculum, Parent Education Nights, Countywide collaborative and Referral  to Clinicians

Crisis Response Services

  • Coordinate, manage, and mobilize trained responder upon request from impacted schools, provide emergency response/crisis management  training for at-risk school sites, Support school in the delivery of care/aftercare services in times of need, and Deliver crisis response training to school based personnel

Early Childhood Development Programs

  • Parenting Classes, Child Development Classes, Individual Case Management, Nutrition Information/Workshops, referral to Medical Service, Car Seat Safety Program, Counseling, College/Career Counseling

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Art Instruction at school sites, Summer at the Center Performing Arts Program, and Young American Outreach Performing Arts Program

Exit Upon Entry Services

  • Case management services provided to incarcerated youth in preparation for and following their release from a juvenile institution

Grant Station

  • Provides support to teacher and staff in developing grants to increase services for students or develop projects in the classroom