Alternative Education

Alternative Education Includes: 
  • County Community Schools
  • Community Day Schools
  • Community Home Education Program (CHEP)
  • Pacific Coast High School (PCHS)
  • College and Career Preparatory Academy (CCPA)
  • Sunburst Youth Academy (SYA)
Alternative education includes home-schooled students, teen parents, working teens who need to help support themselves or their families, homeless children, children in group homes, and other students who benefit from a non-traditional learning environment. Students range from grades K-12 and cover the distribution curve from high to low skill levels. Many students have strong supportive families who take great effort to help them educationally.  There are also students who have been affected by a disrupted family life.
ACCESS teachers are trained to work with the whole spectrum of students who participate in our schools and services. Some students have had successful school experiences. Others have had school temporarily interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances (social or economic).
County Community Schools
Local school districts and county agencies refer students. Forty-five community school sites exist in Orange County, where students in grades K-12 are taught with a minimum day, full day, or contracted learning schedule. Community schools were established by E.C. 1980 through 1986. Students meet with a credentialed teacher to develop and implement a student learning plan while attending a local county school site. These students represent a wide range of scholastic abilities, from the gifted to the academically-challenged.
Community Day Schools
In accordance with the intent and requirements of AB 1845 (Honda), a recent revision in E.C. 48664 allows the County Office of Education to establish one or more community day schools. Such schools are required to provide 360 minutes of classroom instruction, low student/ teacher ratio, individualized instruction and assessment, as well as any needed support services.
Students enrolled are those who are expelled for any reason, probation referred pursuant to WIC 300 or 602, referred by a school attendance review board, or referred by another district referral process.
Community Home Education Program (CHEP)
Includes: Community Home Education Program CHEP [Grades K-8] and Pacific Coast High School [Grades 9-12]
Community Home Education Program (CHEP) is a county community school serving home-schooled students in grades K-12 through contracted learning. Students who participate in home- schooling have chosen to coordinate their educational plan with a credentialed teacher and implement the curriculum in the home environment. Assistance and resource materials are provided which enable guardians to succeed in meeting the individual academic needs of the children.
College and Career Preparatory Academy (CCPA) 
The College and Career Preparatory Academy (CCPA) offers a flexible path to graduation for young adults looking to re-enroll in an accredited education program, particularly those aged 18-25. Administered by the Orange County Department of Education, CCPA is a free public charter school offering a highly individualized program that includes online courses, independent study, small group instruction and necessary career readiness skills. 
Sunburst Youth Academy (SYA)
The mission of the Sunburst Youth Academy (SYA) program is to intervene in and reclaim the lives of at-risk youth to produce graduates with the values, skills, education and self-discipline necessary to succeed as adults and citizens in their community.