The Alternative, Community, and Correctional Education Schools and Services (ACCESS) program provides classroom programs and services to an average of 7,662 students on a daily basis and nearly 17,000 students annually, all of whom are referred by county service agencies and Orange County‚Äôs 28 school districts.  ACCESS is a WASC-accredited program that offers year-round educational options and services to students in over 75 program sites located throughout the county.  ACCESS students participate in the state testing program.  Students improve their learning and their test scores while earning credits toward graduation.
ACCESS schools provide a safe, disciplined, and supportive environment for students who require an alternative to local school district options.  Teachers are supported by student support services such as special education and categorical support (i.e., Title I or other grant programs) that include clinical and health services for institutions, group homes, and community schools.  ACCESS has more than 50 special partnerships with public and private agencies that help ensure student success.
ACCESS has an exemplary teaching staff, gifted in working with alternative education students. The spirit of dedication exemplified by the teaching, support, and administrative staff to continually improve program options and support services throughout the organization, while strengthening our partnerships with the community, ensures a better and brighter future for all ACCESS students.