Harbor Learning Center 

Administration Office
15872 Harbor Blvd. Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Phone: (714) 245-6447
Fax:  (714) 418-0598

Vern Burton, Principal  Phone: (714) 245-6400    vburton@ocde.us 

Vince Silver, Asst. Principal
Phone: (714) 245-2136

Lisa Cangelosi,
Sr. School Admin. Asst.
Phone: (714) 245-6535
The Harbor Learning Center (HLC) is the first community school facility exclusively developed, built, and operated by the Orange County Department of Education, Division of Alternative Education.

The facility is comprised of multiple structures, including a library; the school office and connecting life‐skills labs; a building for multipurpose activities, a kitchen serving breakfast and lunch to all students; and a two‐story 14‐classroom instructional building. The grounds include a playing field, basketball courts, and a garden with both indigenous plants and raised beds for student gardening projects.
The school program, which is WASC accredited, offers students in seventh through twelfth grades state‐approved curriculum leading
toward a high‐school diploma. We offer student support services through
Title I funding and counseling services through our Safe Schools department.